sexta-feira, outubro 17, 2008

[INFO] O fim da mono¨cromatica?

A mono¨cromatica, que já lançou The Weatherman e Nicolettee editora de Pedro Leitão (dinamizador da afamada netlabel Test Tube está em pausa por tempo indeterminado. Só hoje vi a mensagem de 28 de Setembro passado:


mono¨cromatica has been in limbo for a couple of years already (somehow, I know you've noticed it by now) and this current state doesn't seem to unblock and it won't probably change in the near future. The reasons for all this are more than just one: money, family, creative issues, money, distribution problems, money, money, lots of stocked records, money, and so on...

I've decided to call it quits - for now - and keep dedicating myself to test tube (our digital label) among other things.

I apologize to all our fans and friends (yes, you two know who you are!) for this decision, but it wasn't easy to do it... well, I guess the situation was already pretty obvious.

I, we, do not regret any of the choices we made (well, maybe just one or two...) and it was fun, and we enjoyed every moment, even the hardest ones. We are absolutely proud of our releases and editorial choices because we believed at all times that we were releasing the best possible music we had on our hands.

We also want to thank every artist that have worked with us - some are still working - and many of them ended up being our personal friends, which is the best part of this 'business'.

Also, I don't have to explain to you why things are what they are. The record business is slowly dying, and it's not just the internet and the p2p boogie man... the market is changing and well, some things will die in the process. But we're just taking a nap, a rest, before coming one day again, hopefully, with more great music for you to own and love.

See you again someday!


Pedro Leitão.

- P.S.: If you wanna help us, please buy what's left of our stock. We will be doing a 'total sellout' thing by the end of this year. This will be a stock liquidation and we will be selling all our stock at very very low prices. Keep your eyes peeled for it."

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