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[INFO] "The next dubstep"

Não é costume a imprensa não especializada dedicar tanta atenção a um género musical como neste caso. John McDonnell escreve no The Guardian sobre dubstep, o que se pode esperar no futuro do género e a sua maturidade. Via Tranquera com artigo aqui.

"For the last few years, glacial Germanic techno and sub-bass-drenched Croydon beats have been consolidated by imaginative producers to provide an antidote to the generic slowed-down drum and bass and mid-range "wobble" which has plagued dubstep.

Initially, this sound predominantly emerged from producers based in and around Bristol. Taking influence from techno labels such as Berlin's Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound, artists such as Pinch and Peverelist have helped to craft a sound that will long outlast the current crop of inane tunes with comedy basslines and ridiculous samples that former Pendulum fans are worshipping.

More recently, producers from around the world, such as Dutch knob twiddler 2562 and his (now US based) compatriot Martyn, have received acclaim for their fusion of Basic Channel sensibilities (and other influences, like Detroit techno) within the dubstep framework.

Earlier this year 2562 released his debut album, Aerial, on Pinch's Tectonic label to eager anticipation (well, some people I know were quite interested in hearing it). Unfortunately it failed to live up to the early promise of tracks like "Circulate". All the parts are there - but as an album it is just too clinical and emotionless. I can imagine TV autopsy dude Dr. Gunther von Hagens listening to it on his iPod while casually removing some sinews around the heart of a fresh human corpse. It's so cold and precise. Just like von Hagens, actually.

Also more than worthy of a mention at this point is former South West-dwelling producer, DJ and label boss Appleblim. His recent Dubstep Allstars Vol. 6 mix CD, with tracks by artists such as Komonazmuk, Jus Wan and Geiom, will in the future be seen as an epochal artefact documenting this sound.

Back in 2006, Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs broadcast a now legendary show called Dubstep Warz with sets from seven dubstep acts, causing disenchanted drum and bass and electronica fans around the world to have a simultaneous mass epiphany. Since then, people have "found themselves", Y-fronts have been soiled numerous times and lives have been saved (yes, saved).

The show contained some very good sets from the likes of Kode9 and Digital Mystikz, but there really wasn't much variation within dubstep at that point. The sound had already begun to stagnate.

This week Hobbs aired a new show called Generation Bass, where she showcased dubstep's contemporary state. Hearing vibrant and exciting sets by the likes of Quest and Silkie, Starkey, Joker and Oneman, it was clear how far dubstep has come in recent years.

By embracing techno and house and reclaiming 2-step garage the genre has been given a new lease of life. Dubstep is probably now in the best state it's ever been in. Put that in your bong and smoke it, clownstep fans."




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